About us

Established in 2011, Torresi e Associati is the continuation of the professional activity and experiences of the founder in the full range of corporate services on various areas, including, among others, financial market, M&A, corporate governance.

The firm has gained reputation in the listed companies sector, providing expert advice to clients across the whole of the regulatory framework, assisting clients in the listing process, compliance, corporate governance matters.

Thanks to the different background, skills and interests of the other professionals who joined the firm over the years, Torresi e Associati offers a full range of commercial, corporate, financial, tax and accounting services to Italian and foreign companies and investors.

Torresi e Associati have also an extensive experience on the compliance programs pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.

We consolidated knowledge and expertise to focus on the following sectors: Energy, Financial Markets, Retail and Consumer.


We cover the full spectrum of Energy related issues with a deep knowledge of the solar, wind, water, waste, biomass and gas sectors.

With increasing government regulation and policy change, we understand the matters that investor may face in this sector and the need to keep up to date with the latest legislative changes is critical for the .

Financial Markets

We advise market participants on a wide range of issues.

Our experience within the financial market means our advice is not only technically expert, but practical and commercial, and grounded in the market in which you operate.

Retail and Consumer

We works closely with some of the most well known brands in the retail and consumer sector, from retailers to household consumer goods brands and food businesses.  We advise our clients on all aspects of their administrative requirements to strategic acquisitions. Most of our clients are listed at the Italian stock exchange market.

Our approach

At Torresi e Associati we focuses resources on our clients’ interests at all time, so that we can help them to grow, being an instrumental part of their success. We grow, if our clients grow.

Firm Values 

Torresi e Associati grounded on a set of values to which every single professional, trainee and assistant have a full commitment:

  • we work with high professionalism in every aspect of our professional life, that makes our clients feel comfortable in our environment
  • we aim to deliver quality and consistence advice in all aspect of our services, accelerating the delivery of value to clients
  • we work on short deadline, meeting clients’ interests, and we are results-oriented, meeting

we are convinced that pursuing these values is fundamental to why our clients come to rely on our advices.

Team working

We strongly believe in team working, we emphasize different thinking and combined efforts, we foster individual expertise service of the group to deliver our services that meet individual, client needs.


We believe that our ability to provide advices at high level of our profession is enhanced by building a team who bring us benefits of a broad range of socioeconomics, racial, ethnic and personal background.